our process at sabs steel company in egypt

Our Process in sabs steel company in egypt

In our industry, every steel company in egypt uses a different process in order to complete projects and to produce an end product for clients. However, SABS implements a unique process or strategy that is efficient and its main goal is to satisfy customers to the maximum.

The “SABS steel company in egypt” process consists of 7 stages in order to fulfil the needs and requirements of the clients.

First of all, SABS will carefully study the client’s project and come up with the most efficient solution in order to meet the architectural requirements. At this stage, the company will provide the client with an initial offer covering all the details of the projects.

Secondly, any steel company contains a design department that holds senior and junior engineers who are highly trained and come up with the most economic design for the client.

For the third stage, Our steel company uses the clients comments and any modifications in order to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. The reviewed design will then proceed with fabrication shop drawings.
The next stage is detailing.

SABS”steel company in egypt” will proceed to issue fabrication shop details and erection drawings. At this stage, the focus on small details leading to bill of materials for the project,

fabrication shop details to enable the plant to produce and erection drawings,

assigning part numbers for the erector to follow on site.

Any steel company uses a diverse process in this next stage which is fabrication. Fabrication proceeds according to bill of material and shop details.

SABS uses an efficient and economical way in fabrication the steel building. Furthermore, the appropriate shipping mode is selected depending on the location of the project.

Finally, the final stage which is a very crucial one for any steel company is installation. For SABS, this stage consists of two parts. The first is the assembly and installing the skeleton structure, then followed by installing the roof and wall cladding including all trims.

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