steel companies in egypt

steel companies in egypt

SABS has been known to be one of the reputed steel companies in Egypt. It has been in the market for the past 20 years.

Sabs has become a very trusted steel company in Egypt and all of Africa

Despite,the recent fierce competition in the steel industry in Egypt,

the company still stands as one of the elite steel companies in Egypt.

SABS focuses on bridging the gap between clients specific requirements in terms of function ,

requirements, architectural concept and the use of pre engineered building systems.

the main mission is to become a solution based organisation that always provides more than one solution for the entity’s needs.

SABS envisions itself as becoming one of the most innovative, reliable and efficient steel companies in Egypt and the whole region.

The company has established itself by efficiently supplying and erecting pre engineered buildings that matches the clients architectural requirements

SABS has been one of the few steel companies in Egypt that are able to complete projects.

in geographically remote places in Africa that requires close coordination with clients throughout all the stages

and The process used by SABS begins with a thorough study of the project, then starts the design of the building, followed by a final review, which leads to a great focus on detailing process

after that SABS enters the fabrication stage, the next step is shipping and finally the installation process.

SABS supply and erect pre engineered buildings in Africa.ts history, they have completed projet.

In fact, throughout its history, they have completed projects in more than 11 countries in Africa with around 650 respected clients such as Coca Cola, Colas, Exxon mobil, Petrofac, Shlumburger and many more.

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