sabs steel pre engineered company in egypt

Sabs has completed around 650 projects in 11 different countries. However, They have all been executed in a similar way that is known as the sabs process. Our company implemented many projects abroad that did not require visiting the site or face to face meetings with the clients. Which made it more difficult than executing projects in Egypt. This article talks about the details of some of our local projects and how they were planned, fabricated and installed.

Our company excels in hiring the best and experienced sales team in the region. This is because the first stage is vital for us and the client. Before fabricating and carrying out any projects. Members of our sales team are required to meet with the clients and study the project more than one time in order to satisfy and understand their needs. Further, Handling projects in Egypt is suitable since we deploy our site engineers to visit where the project will be carried out and weigh all the issues that may arise and fix them in a timely manner. When the idea of the project and preliminary drawings are accepted, our design team is required to produce the best layout using the highest technology and latest Autocad to fit the clients needs and provide them with the most suitable ideas and weights that will be as safe and efficient as possible.

The next stage is detailing the project. After producing drawings, the state of the art detailing software is used in order to produce every single detail of the project. This team creates shop drawings that will then be handed to the factory for fabrication and buying necessary raw materials. Any raw materials bought are certified and shown to the clients. It is easier for local projects since clients get the chance to visit our factory during the fabrication to ensure and be updated of the situation and raw materials. After fabrication, the suitable mode of transportation is used to deliver the steel. In local areas, it is easier since it is cheaper because international projects require extra coating to prevent rust during the journey by sea. An example of a local project was for the EGAST station on the Alexandria desert road, Egypt. We have implemented 4 main buildings and completed their station. The completion time was less than of an international project even though it required a lot of steel tonnage and vast details.