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Thank you for accessing the SABS website. Established in 2000, SABS has rapidly established a recognized international presence with a list of respectable clients. Several factors contribute to this success. For instance, At SABS, a team of seasoned professionals enrich the pool of experience available for our clients to efficiently apply the pre-engineered building system to their functional and architectural construction requirements. Further, we indorse attention to details as a habit through all SABS employees. Each member of the SABS family recognizes that his / her success in the organization is a result of sustained customer satisfaction and loyalty. We welcome you to contact us at SABS during any step of your building project, even at preliminary or conceptual stages. We will be delighted to exchange ideas and share our experiences in order to achieve the best results.


To provide innovative and value added steel design and fabrication and construction solutions to customers worldwide. SABS visions itself as one of the most reliable and efficient companies that supplies pre -fabricated buildings in its region.


We focus on bridging the gap between customers’ specific requirements in terms function, economy, architectural concept and the use of the Pre-engineered steel buildings system. At SABS, we are always on the look for excellence. Attention to detail is evident in all our activities and is a habit by all SABS people at all levels. Our main mission is to always be a solution based organization that provides more than one solution to the entity’s needs.


SABS was established in year 2000. Although the company is relatively young, a team with long years of professional practice in the market enriches the pool of experience available for the clients. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons SABS has succeeded in creating a wide spread international presence in such a short time span and developed a respectable list of clients known for their awareness of quality. SABS has also mastered the execution of projects in remote geographical locations, normally requiring close co ordination with clients in the initial stage of drawings’ review as well as during shipping and transportation. As such, SABS has built a reputation for being a team that is up to challenging missions and not just a company looking for walk in costumers building a standard warehouse. Most important of all, the international experience gained in different countries, engineering building codes and practices are priceless accumulations of know how that are available to our clients.